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How to schedule a session online

Watch this short video for instructions
Hi! We have paused self-scheduling for now. Sorry for the inconvenience! 
To make an appointment you can call/text 719-948-7120, or email

For new clients, follow these steps:

1. Choose the person you would like to schedule an appointment with (below- we currently only have one therapist using online scheduling).

2. Select the location (either primary location for in person, or telehealth for over your computer or phone)

3. Select the service you would like to schedule (for new clients it's always 90791 Therapy Intake for a 60 minute first session)

4. Select your date and time by double clicking on white boxes on the schedule (gray boxes are taken)

5. When the appointment pops up, click the green save button.

6. Enter your information to create a client portal account.

7. You will see a notification and get an email that your appointment has been submitted and is awaiting confirmation.

8. We will email you the next business day with your electronic intake forms. Please check your spam if you don't see them, or let us know if you haven't gotten them. You'll want to fill the forms out before coming so they don't cut into your session time. 

For existing clients, we are not currently using online scheduling until we're more familiar with the process. :)

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