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A New Leaf Therapy's Horseplay Program offers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Groups

We are currently holding three equine assisted psychotherapy groups per week that integrate horses into your therapy. Groups consist of exercises that emphasize certain concepts, such as coping skills, communication, boundaries, etc. We have women's groups at 8 and 9 am and a teen group at 10 am on Saturday mornings. These groups are great for people struggling with things like depression, anxiety, self-care, trauma, and more! We are able to accept self-pay, Anthem BCBS, United, Tricare, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Kaiser, Medicaid, and Park Care for equine therapy groups. Self pay is $35 per group. We are partnering with Dirty Dames Animal Rescue! Groups are facilitated by Kim Blackwelder, LCSW.


Kim is also now offering individual therapy using horses using the Somatic Equine Therapy approach. Somatic equine therapy is a body-oriented therapeutic approach for healing trauma and other stress disorders through unblocking and releasing trauma and shock from your body and healing  emotional wounds. On hold. Will restart in the Spring of 2023.





















Teen Girls Nature Group 

Teen girls nature group is for girls 14-18 years old and focuses on using nature to teach skills like mindfulness, emotional regulation, and confidence building. The girls do activities like painting murals, gardening, going to the Riverwalk, touring art related businesses, and going hiking. Group is held on Fridays from 11:30-12:30 pm. We are able to accept Anthem BCBS, Medicaid, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Tricare, Kaiser, United and Park Care for these groups. Self pay is $35 per week. Groups are facilitated by Kristin Brown, LPC. This group is running!

Acudetox Group

Our weekly group is $20 is running! 

For $150 we also offer the unique experience of Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification Groups of up to 15 people at your location or ours. Sit quietly while receiving Acudetox and enjoying relaxing music and guided imagery with a professional therapist.  NADA Acupuncture Detoxification is a process in which 5 sterile disposable needles are placed in each ear. The benefits can be amazing and can last for weeks, including:

Increasing energy and mental alertness

Relaxation and calming

Stress reduction

Improving sleep

Reducing cravings, relapse, and withdrawals (food, alcohol, drugs)

Smoking cessation

Improving overall sense of wellbeing and purpose

Reducing depression and trauma responses

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Kids Coping Camps
We hold a few Kids Coping Camps every year for ages 6-13! They're one day from 9-5 and are often held at museums or other fun locations where kids can participate in activities. If you're interested in sponsoring an event you can pay for a certain amount of children to attend. We plan to have the next Kids Coping Camp another camp in the fall for $75 for the whole day, to include museum entry, lunch, arts and crafts, and more! If you'd like to sponsor a child or get your child on the waiting list, email us through the Book Now button below! Crystal Gerlock, LCSW facilitates the camps.
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