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Services Available for Professionals

Join Our Team!

A New Leaf Therapy was voted in the TOP THREE Best Places to Work AND Best Mental Healthcare Provider in Pueblo in 2022's Best of Pueblo! We are also approved by the Health Department as a Family Friendly Workplace. This is an AMAZING place to work! We have a positive culture and fun, supportive team! If you're interested in a licensed therapist position, please send your resume to Regan at


Tanya Guardamondo LPC-C

I have been an employee of A New Leaf Therapy for approximately 6 months now. I also completed my practicum and internship hours at this site as well. Not only is A New Leaf Therapy an excellent site to obtain skills vital for working in the field, their amazing clinicians
and supervisors are super helpful and supportive.
A New Leaf Therapy offers a positive and enjoyable work environment with many opportunities for continued education and personal growth. I love being part of a company that truly cares for
the welfare of the community they serve and their employees.
A New Leaf Therapy also has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that feels less like visiting a DRs office, and more like visiting with a trusted friend. This is one of my favorite attributes of this company. The supervisors also strive to allow you the freedom to explore your interests in therapy and work with the populations that bring you fulfillment.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is currently licensed and looking for a job or to anyone who is a graduate student looking for a place to complete their internship and practicum hours.


Zendon Bernal CSW-C

A New Leaf Therapy is a dream job. When searching for a place that has an amazing workplace environment and caring coworkers this is the place to go. This place has made life so easy. ANLT makes you love doing your job every time you walk into the building. 

Julie Silvestri MFT-C

I started at this company from my internship and they have assisted me throughout my journey in my licensing process for Marriage and Family Therapy. I have learned so much of my skill, quality and care from each and every one that works at ANLT. The CEO has worked with a beautiful team to create an open and welcoming environment, not only for our clients, but ourselves as clinicians as well. I had the pleasure of having the CEO as my supervisor during my internship, and having the clinician director as my current supervisor, which has assisted in seeing different clinical views, different potential solutions, and so many different potential aspects to add to my already growing knowledge in counseling.
On the daily basis, we tend to check in with each other as a team, between clinicians and admin team. We have potlucks as a team. We embrace this understanding of ANLT being a team while still holding this solid boundary of work life balance. They work insanely hard to make sure you have you ducks in a row.
I have had to take a step back from in person sessions due to personal medical concerns and everyone from the CEO to the admin team have assisted in keeping me here, working with accommodations and helping me still grow.
I love working with my clients and the ability to bring new ideas to the table with open minds. I love the ability ANLT has offered with community collaborations, such as the Boys and Girls Club and District 60 schools. I love absolutely love the fact that if I had an idea for a group, the team was immediately ready to support and make it happen.
This place isnt just a job, it's a culture. It's a passion. If you want to feel appreciated at your job, at what you do, this is the place to work! 

Graduate Internships

We love having graduate interns join our team! If you're a graduate student in search of an internship site, we work to provide an exceptional graduate internship experience and we have six different licensed supervisors! Please contact Regan Young at if you're interested in getting more information. A link to our 2022-2023 Graduate Internship Information Packet is below. 

Clinical Supervision

We offer individual and group supervision in the following areas. Prices are the same as therapy session rates, although you are welcome to form a group of up to three people who can split the costs for group supervision. 


-Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, PsyD or PhD Clinical Psychologist


-Certified Addiction Counselor I, II, or III 


-Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) Associate or Full Operating Level Treatment Provider with adults or juveniles. Co-therapy with young adults may be available. 


-Brain Synchronization Therapy (BST). 

$115 an hour. The price can be split between up to 3 participants. 


-Training is available in the following topics. Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Animal assisted therapy

Self-injury and suicide prevention

Restorative Community Justice

Healthy Sexuality and sexual abuse


Trauma Therapy Methods

Treating Addictions

Attachment Disorders- skills and more

Brain Synchronization Therapy Certification Training (3 days) $375, Students $275


Our Brain Synchronization Therapy training in September/October of 2024 has openings! You can email for an application or to ask any questions!






BST fall 2024 (2).png

Private Practice Consultation

In-person, virtual, or phone consultation is available with A New Leaf Therapy's CEO, Regan Young, LCSW, CAS, where you can ask questions about starting your own private practice or group practice. Please complete the following form so you can get the most out of your consultation and Regan can assess whether she might be a good fit for your goals.


Submit this form to  

$300 an hour 

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